DocuKnowledge is an international video production company advancing thought leadership through video.  

Empowering companies to have more numerous and frequent touchpoints with their customers through video

Capturing knowledge from subject matter experts to teach, sell and entertain

Connecting customers with companies through a more memorable and emotional impact than text 

Jesse Barlow, MS, ACP

Jesse is an international media arts professional and certified agile project manager. A third-culture American, Jesse has lived in Central America, Asia, Europe and across the United States and has traveled to over 40 countries. Founded in the belief that video is the paramount medium of our time, his motivation is to create a safe, loving space for people to be seen and heard without judgement. A devout minimalist, his gift is demonstrating his subject's authority by distilling their message to its essential truths. 

Jesse has over 10 years experience shaping content format and delivery, including managing international enterprise web systems, instructional media to help people with autism and corporate medical device marketing.

INTJ-T, Enneagram Type 4

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