Video Libraries

A series of videos that positions you as an expert and draws people to your services and products. 

High-volume video libraries offers more frequent touchpoints for your customers to engage with you across multiple platforms over time. The days of self-congratulatory videos that are "all about us" instead of "what can you offer me?" are over. People want a relationship with other people first, then their business. Offer value up front by sharing what you know.   


Promotional Testimonials

Word of mouth is the strongest marketing of all. 

Get your customers to help you promote your business. We interview your best clients to build your credibility and simplify the task of describing services and products. 


How It Works

DocuKnowledge provides full service professional video production. 

  • Project management and pre-production

  • Professional interviews and research

  • Staged and live-event documentary footage

  • Post-production editing, audio mix and color grading

  • Mobile social media clip optimization

  • Video analytics and hosting. We are a Solution Partner with Brightcove and Vidyard.

What time commitment should I expect for a video production? 


In pre-production we identify your goals, coordinate filming logistics and prep the interviewees. Project management and research is performed by our team. We co-develop a shared vision and plan for the project with you and ensure the scope of work fits your goals and budget.


Interviews generally last between 40 minutes and 1 hour, and b-roll footage shoots vary in complexity but can often be done without you or your team members present, depending on the situation. 


After the first draft of the edit is completed, you will receive the videos for an initial review. After your changes are finished, you'll receive a second round of videos for final review. Once these changes are made, the videos will be "locked" for final audio mixing, color correction and color grading.